Shaping the future of Sound

Elegantly Shaping a Personalized Sound

Altavoz matches high fidelity audio sound systems with your taste of design. Its unique production process allows you to integrate your personalized photos in your living room. From a distance, these high end audio speakers get one with your interior. Upon getting a closer look however, your customized photos elegantly start to be visible, without ever crying for attention.

Obsessed with
Ultra High Quality Audio

The sound quality of these speakers clearly exceeds the one of the ‘High Fidelity’ labels. The Altavoz 9004 produces an uncolored, neutral sound from the lowest to the highest frequency spectrum. As a result, the system is perfectly places to play all your favorite music genres, (claccic, pop, jazz, EDM, …)



Frequency Response: 39Hz - 22 kHz

Cross-over: 2way / 3000 Hz / 12dB/oct

Maximum output: 110 dB (peak sound pressure level at 1m)

Impedance: 8 Ohm

Volume: 30l

Dimensions: HxWxD 703x25x325 mm